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Workshop Details
WorkshopWorkshopAdaptive Schools
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactJackie Ediger
Default LocationESU 9 Adams Room
DescriptionThe four-day Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar presents a productive, practical set of ideas and tools for developing collaborative groups to become effective and better equipped to resolve complex issues around student learning.  Adaptive Schools is the “how” of effective collaborative groups such as professional learning communities: how to behave in groups, how to lead them, and how to facilitate them for improved leading, teaching, and learning.

In the four-day Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar, participants will develop:

• An increased capacity to initiate, develop and sustain high-functioning groups
• New lenses for diagnosing the stages and phases of group development
• An expanded repertoire of practical facilitation tools
• Understanding of when and how to engage groups in dialogue and discussion
• Skills to move groups beyond consensus to common focus
• Ways to value and use dissension, argument, and conflict
• Strategies for keeping group members on track, on topic, energized, and resourceful.