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WorkshopWorkshopCTE Leadership Team Meeting
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactKristen Slechta
Default Location
DescriptionMembers of the consortium will jointly determine the method for identifying consortium activities and funding priorities based on each participating member’s reVISION process, recommendations from any local or regional advisory committee, and funds available. Members of the consortium must reach a consensus upon the mutually-beneficial programs and purposes that Perkins funds will support. Members will describe the purposes and programs, aligned with the outcomes of the reVISION process, in the local Perkins application.

WHO: Please register and send 1-2 CTE staff members, counselors, and/or leaders from each school district to participate, advocate, and represent the needs and perspectives of their district.
WHEN: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
* Review Perkins V Budget for 2021-22
* NCE Conference Attendance
* Purchases Approval Process in Career Field Groups
* Preview Perkins V Budget for 2022-23