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WorkshopWorkshopCadre 2 Intervention System of Supports Session 2 Setting Goals
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactCindy Nejezchleb
Default Location5807 Osborne Drive West, Hastings, NE
DescriptionSession 2 will provide guidance in applying written intervention response rules and using teacher instructional data, progress monitoring data, in-program data, and intervention documentation.  Decisions will include whether to continue, discontinue, fade/transition, or intensify intervention supports to meet specific needs of students.  This tracking system will be helpful in reviewing the progress of students who need targeted support.
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AudienceAudience: Title I; Special Education Director or Teacher(s); Interventionists; School Psych who work with students receiving intervention support; Coaches; and Administration; and MTSS Implementation Team members working with intervention supports