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WorkshopWorkshopCadre 1 Intensification 3: Identification, Planning/Verification
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactCindy Nejezchleb
Default LocationESU 9 Adams Room
DescriptionThis session will target how to use all of the data to determine the need for verification after intensification process and review academic and/or behavioral data and information gathered after following and implementing the intensification steps in the Individual Student Problem Solving Worksheet plans with fidelity.  The areas for analysis will be examined around the instructional, curricular, environmental, and learner variables.  Teams will then determine why the problems are occurring (hypothesis) and gather further information by examining instructional data, individual students to continuously improve support for moving students forward in closing learning gaps.  Presenters guide participants as they walk through the problem solving process with students from their own school and apply the intensification and individual student problem solving process with the support of the MTSS implementation support team.

AudienceAudience: district MTSS Leadership team, Adm, SPED, curriculum/Assessment coord, Psychs, coaches