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WorkshopWorkshopBuilding an Understanding of Numbers (Grades K-2)
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactLaura Ochsner
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Presenter: Dr. Barb Blanke, Quality Teacher Development

Understanding numbers and operations, and being able to apply those understandings to solve math problems, are major goals of K-2 math. Join us for a fun day of exploring numbers through investigations, models, literature, problems, games, and lots of math talk!

We will…

…explore varied models that help students visualize number concepts including place value and the operations of addition and subtraction.

…discover simple investigations that help students discover big ideas about place value.

…identify critical questions and engaging tasks that get students talking about their understanding of numbers.

…discover children’s literature that excites students and sets a context for number explorations.

…play interactive math games that strengthen students’ skills at addition and subtraction and can be easily used in math centers or as partner tasks.

Join us to gather strategies, activities, and insights that will enhance your math teaching and help your students develop a deep understanding of numbers.