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WorkshopWorkshopBeyond the Classroom-Move Moodle Into Your World
DepartmentDepartmentESU 9
Default ContactDefault ContactLaura Ochsner
Default Location*See Section Description
DescriptionThis two-day class will provide participants with the basic skills needed to create quality courses within the Moodle environment. Participants will explore the essential functionality of Moodle and how Moodle can be used to enhance classroom activities and to help meet their learners’ needs (skills for post secondary education). Participants will be required to create a basic course to enhance student learning.

Course Objectives:   
  • Participants are expected to create a plan for their course that will either supplement their current class or be offered as an on-line class.
  • Participants will be expected to create a course using at least two resource types (book, page, webpage and links to files, etc.) and two activities (assignments, lesson, quiz, etc.).
  • Participants will be expected to enroll at least one other class participant in their course.

Required Text or course materials: Participants are asked to bring a laptop if possible (or a computer will be provided for them). Bring content for course development (lessons, assignments, quizzes, rubrics, etc.).