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Workshop SectionI Love You Guys Safety Training ~ October 02, 2017
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DepartmentESU 9
Primary ContactKraig Lofquist
DescriptionTrainer: Jolene Palmer, Safety & Security Director, Nebraska Department of Education

Attendance Requirement: A minimum of 4 members with a maximum of 10. Team must include, School Safety Team including building principal, police officer and member of fire/rescue.

SRP is the uniform immediate response to any incident. Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by school and district administration and staff.

By standardizing the language, all stakeholders can understand the response and status of the incident. For students, this provides continuity of expectations and actions throughout their educational career and throughput all school buildings they may visit. For teachers, this becomes a simpler process to train and drill. For first responders, the common language and protocols establish a greater predictability that persists through the duration of an incident. Parents can easily understand the practices and can reinforce the protocol. Additionally, this protocol enables rapid response determination when an unforeseen incident occurs. The protocol also allows for a more predictable series of actions as an incident unfolds.

The BENEFITS: are common language, protocol and signage for all students, stakeholders, and school personnel.

GOAL FOR NEBRASKA: Statewide implementation so ALL school districts have common language, follow common protocols and use common signage to prepare students for emergency situations in any school they visit.
LocationCentral Community College
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 October 02, 2017      9:00 AM       3:00 PM  

Registration DeadlineSeptember 27, 2017
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